Plan Your Trip! Prague – Vienna – Bratislava
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Plan Your Trip! Prague – Vienna – Bratislava


The European railway network is so extensive that it’s hard to even fathom. Hop on a train from Prague and within four hours you can be in Vienna or Bratislava, Munich or Berlin, Krakow, and so on so forth! It’s incredible. Not only is it available, but it’s also incredibly cheap and easy to use.

This past weekend I ventured of on a weekend trip leaving Prague and visiting Vienna and Bratislava. There are so many websites out there for you to use, but I’m going to tell you guys which ones I booked through and how easy it was.

Prague to Vienna

We decided that it would be the cheapest and easiest option to book through a Czech website, Don’t Worry, they have an option to switch the site to English. From there, using the drop down menu, select Praha as your departure and Vienna as your destination. Don’t worry about Praha vs Praha h.ln. once you search, Praha h.ln will become your default departure point as that’s the biggest train station in Prague. You’re able to choose one way or round trip, but for the purpose of this trip, we want one way.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.56.42 PM

As you can see below, there are no lack of options. Depending on whether you want non-stop v. one with connections or if you want an earlier or later time, prices may fluctuate.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.57.46 PM

We preferred an earlier departure time to enable us to maximize our time in Vienna. We made the mistake of booking reserved seats on this leg (more to come on the Bratislava – Prague leg). You don’t need to do it! Reserved seats aren’t better seats, and there are plenty of empty ones! Don’t pay the extra fee.

After this, it’s pretty self explanatory. Just enter your payment methods and boom, you’ve got your ticket. Remember, print your pass before boarding the train! It makes it 1000% easier.

Vienna to Bratislava

Fun fact: Vienna and Bratislava are the two closest capitals in the world. Less than 60km from each other, you can imagine that there are plenty of options for getting from one to the other. We decided to bus, and boy are we glad we did. We went through RegioJet/Student Agency. Prices were incredibly cheap… like €1-4 cheap. And, to be honest, the service was better on this than our $40USD train rides! The busses were equipped with WiFi, offered complimentary coffee, and were empty enough for all of us to spread out and have our own rows! Not to mention they had free entertainment systems with loads of movies! 10/10, would ride again.

Anyway, once you reach their website, insert Vienna as the departure and Bratislava as the destination. Like I said… cheap as hell and heaps of options!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.05.40 PM

Honestly… I don’t know how they profit from these trips!

Bratislava to Prague

First and foremost, reserve a seat on this leg. As my friend JP documented, it can be quite full.


Standing room only… yes, literally no seats left!

To book this leg, we went back to our favorite site, and did the exact same process as last time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.01.24 PM

There aren’t as many options here, but we made them do! A four hour trip goes by like that **snaps** when you’re staring at the beautiful Slovakian/Czech country sides.

All together the trip cost us roughly $40 USD, which I would say is a pretty damn good price for a three country expedition!

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