Czech Airlines Business Class Review: Stockholm to Prague
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Czech Airlines Business Class Review: Stockholm to Prague

A few days before my flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Prague, I received an email from Czech Airlines (CSA) with a bunch of gibberish in Czech. Typically, I’d think nothing of it as it’s usually just some “special” offer for future deals but I decided to translate it and this is what I found.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.50.40 AM

What? Me? Invited to upgrade? Oh you shouldn’t have!

For poops and giggles, I decided to ‘czech’ out (haha, get it?) how much Business Class would cost for this mere two hour flight.

When I clicked on the link, I was pleasantly surprised. CSA has a program for those who are wishing to upgrade to Business Class, they can essentially bid for the seat! You submit an offer (minimum €100), they will review it, and if accepted, you’ll get an email confirming! I would post a picture of the slider, but I wasn’t smart enough to take a picture while doing it, and it’s too late now!

Now, as someone who has never flown Business Class, I figured this would be my cheapest opportunity ever, so I though ‘what the hell, why not?’ and submitted the minimum €100. I figured for that much, it was worth giving it a shot.

Lo and behold, look what I got a few days later!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.53.52 AM

Look at me, being all fancy and sh**. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. My roommate was getting annoyed at how much I was bragging!

I had no idea what to expect. I had seen a list of perks which included: Lounge Access, Priority Boarding, 2 checked bags, 2 carry-on items, and “business refreshments”, whatever that means!

When we arrived to the airport, CSA’s check-in desk did have two lanes, one for economy and one for business. However, the business class line was not open.. so there goes perk number one. We’re off to a good start.

Once inside Stockland Arlanda’s terminal, I found the lounge and to my surprise, it wasn’t half bad!


The bar had self-serve beer on tap, unlimited wine, and self-serve liquor. In addition to that, they had a very nice coffee machine with complimentary cookies (which are my absolute favorite) and the food bar, pictured above, with different types of meats, pastas, salads, fruits, vegetables, and the works. I wasn’t quite sure what else my €100 was going to get me, so I made sure to eat and drink my weight to at least get something out of my splurge.

When it came time for boarding, people were hovering around the gates as they usually do. I, however, continued to lounge next to the gate because I knew that I’d be called first and didn’t have to fight for a spot in line.


There was no call for priority boarding… well that’s strike number two. The one time I pay for priority boarding, I don’t get it! Whatever, first world problems, I let it go.

We boarded the plane and I took my seat, 1A, and I was feeling good. Ample leg room, big seats, I was pretty content. Before I could even buckle my seat belt I was being offered beverages! If I hadn’t taken an oath not to drink alcohol, I would have robbed them of their stock.

Turns out, I was the only chum who had upgraded… So I was there alone. Oh well, I didn’t let that effect me, I was going to milk this opportunity as much as I could.

About 30 minutes after take off the flight attendants made the announcement that they would be coming through with snacks and beverages for purchase. HAH, because at the same time, they we’re coming to serve me my full meal.


Now, it may not look like much, but it’s the principle! Here I am, being waited on hand and foot and being served unlimited beverages and a meal with some fresh cheese, bread, and meat. Again, I was quite content. Was this a €100 meal? Most certainly not, but it was something.

All and all I probably did not have “the Business Class experience.” I experienced a step up from CSA Economy, but that’s about it.

Would I suggest upgrading? Probably not. But if you have the means and you want a story, go for it. Just make use of the lounge beforehand.

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